About us

Larry Shaw is a self taught woodworker and Great Grandpa to 35. He has given away hundreds of Noah’s Arks, each of which includes a miraculous true story.

He made the very first Ark as a Christmas present for his twin Great Grandaughters in 2008. That Christmas was the last Christmas we all had with his wife Virginia. She passed away 6 weeks later. There was only the one Ark for quite sometime when Larry had a friend in need of encouragement due to some hard times. That's when the Ark as we know it was born.

A few years and hundreds of Arks later, Larry decided to start selling some of his wooden toys. In 2017 Larry and his granddaughter, Karina, opened the Shaw's Wooden Toys Etsy shop. Through the help of social media, we have grown a loyal and supportive community. This has allowed Larry to continue to give arks to those in need of a rainbow. See our Instagram @shawswoodentoys for updates.

Shaw's Wooden Toys